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Game last night was mother fucking awesome.

We pulled out the win 171 to 96.  Before that, we had to completely dry off the rink due to the rainstorms that occurred in the early afternoon (which totally sucked), but we made it in time to have a half hour game delay.

We played a pretty awesome game.  My game was too fucking legit.  I jammed too!  Holy mother fucking balls.  I JAMMED.  Not only did I jam, but I scored points too.  Only ten, but for first time jamming, shit yo! 

I’m feeling pretty good this morning, minus the fact that my rib is out, but that’s okay, it could be a lot worse.  The only reason that my rib is out is because the Bruisers decided to trip the fuck out of everyone.  I didn’t really appreciate it, but it makes me a better skater, and I’m thankful for that.

Only got sent to the penalty box once for four minors, elbows I’m sure, but I really need to work on keeping my minors under control.  My goal for the next bout is to have three or less; highly unlikely, but it’s worth a shot. (:


  1. naeku said: yay! that’s awesome! and i hope your rib heals fast!
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