She Used To Be Such A Nice Girl

22 years old and one hell of a hair stylist. I play roller derby and you may know me as Juana Ash Kickin'. We should be friends.



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You bump into a man on the subway wearing a trenchcoat. You apologize and he responds “Its alright. We’re only human. All of us. All of us here are human. Yep. Very human. I’m probably the most human here! You betcha.” and then the trenchcoat falls and the figure collapses and roughly 1000 salamanders scatter around the train 

And then a skeleton popped out

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Empathy is the poor man’s cocaine
And love is just a chemical by any other name
I like the way your pheromones make me sleepy
This far away I still smell you inside me

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 Drawings by John Pusateri

New Zealand based artist John Pusateri creates near photo-realistic drawings of beautifully colored owls using pencils, charcoal, and pastels. Pusateri currently teaches in the Department of Architecture at Unitec New Zealand and currently has a number of works available through Seed Gallery.

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trying to get out of my pajamas in the morning


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sometimes chris evans looks like a sweet golden retriever and you want to pet him and bask in his sunshiny smile


and other times he looks like a fucking greek god who could nail you into the mattress and then spoon you like a princess afterwards


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save yourself - aesop rock

I hear a lot of hip hop talk about people who are pissed that Aesop Rock is heralded as one of the best rappers, even though he’s white. I really think that what people are actually mad about, that a lot of backpack rap fans completely dismiss anything but “conscious hip hop,” because that dismissal also often comes with either heavy-handed or lowkey double standards for black rappers.

This is a song by Aesop Rock, that is essentially a diss track on every fan who hoists him up as a savior, and every emcee who claims to be saving hip hop. I really think, if you’ve ever written him off as a rapper, you should give this track between 1 and 30 listens. He’s been one of my favorite emcees for a long time, based partially on the extreme replay value of his songs, especially his first 4 or 5 albums. Every single time I listen to a song, I find something new. The hooks are clever, the flow is one of the most versatile out there, the lyrics are relatable but intellectual. This really is a great song to showcase this fact.

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Me when I first joined Tumblr: Oh, I already reblogged this. That's too bad.
Me now: I reblogged this every day for the last three weeks and I'mma do it again. I don't give a fuck.
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